Friday, October 28, 2016

Color/Shaded Scene of Choice

This is the colored version. I used a combination of spooky low- opacity dry media brushes and for my characters I used  the paint bucket tool.

This is the original outline.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bird Coloring Page

This is the original.

Bird Coloring Page
This is my bird coloring page. I used a combination of bird feather pictures and changed their hues. I tried to make it as mismatched as possible.
This is my kaleidoscope. I did not actually use a kaleidoscope, but i used a Celtic Circle. I got the colors from several different references online. I used a combination of the brush and paint bucket.
This is my collage. I used a combination of things I like.
 I had to cut the image from their background so it did not interfere with the background.
Where is Waldo?

Albrecht Durer
This is the edited version. I used that Graphic Pencil Filter for the front, And the background was a fill layer.
This is the original. The animal depicted in the picture is an aquatic salamander that goes by the name of an axolotl
This is my Edward Gorey. I used a combination of the Cookie Cutter Tool
 and some of my own drawings.
Edward Gorey

This is the original picture. This is Rebecca Sugar, the creator of my favorite cartoon, Steven Universe
Celebrity Coloring Book
This is the outline that I did. I used a different opacity for smaller details